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Arizona Algae Products Breaks Ground on New 1.3 Acre Greenhouse

We are excited to announce that our company has recently broken ground on the construction of our new, state-of-the-art, 1.3 acre greenhouse. When completed by the end of this year, it will more than double our production capacity, thus enabling the volume production of the highest quality, sustainably produced, omega-3 oils and plant-based protein powders from photosynthetic microalgae for the dietary supplements and food ingredients markets.


Gyoza / Jiaozi / Pot stickers

Dietary supplements – Whole algae powder, WPRO30-plus

Dietary supplements are products intended to supplement one’s diet by providing one or more ingredients which might otherwise be lacking or limited in the foods we consume. A typical and widespread example is the enrichment of cow’s milk with vitamin D.

Green Algae Noodles

Japanese-style Udon Noodles made with WPRO30+ Algae Protein & Omega 3 Powder

Algae Bread

Bread with DEPRO50+

Algae Crackers

Crackers and flatbreads with DEPRO50+

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