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What makes us different.

We derive our EPA oils and protein powders from natural photosynthetic algae, a non-animal, non-GMO and sustainable alternative to fish and krill for omega-3s. Our omega-3 oils do not cause repeats (“fishy burps”) and can address the needs of certain population groups such as vegans, pregnant women concerned about heavy metals, and children with certain allergies. Unlike others, we grow our algae in a controlled environment to ensure our oils are of superior quality.

Non-Animal, Non-GMO

Our oils and powders come from microalgae and thus fit perfectly in vegetarian, plant-based diets. We only grow natural algae and do not make use of genetically modified organisms (GMO).

No Fermentation

We do not grow our algae using sugar and fermentation, but photosynthesis using abundant natural sunlight the way Nature intended it.

No Allergens

Since our algal protein powders and omega-3 oils come from a non-fish, non-animal source, they do not contain animal or fish proteins and therefore are safe for use by people with fish allergies and food sensitivities.

High in Phospholipids

Thanks to the abundant sunshine we use to grow our algae, a large portion (50%) of the EPA omega-3 in our algal oils and powders is bound to phospholipids and glycolipids. This has been shown to improve absorption ("bio-availability") in the human body, meaning that less is more.

Controlled Environment

Our algae are grown in a controlled environment inside proprietary photobioreactors, resulting in the highest possible and consistent product quality and year-round reliable production. We further use a pristine water source, free from agricultural run-off and pesticides, thus ensuring the purest possible product.

Grown Sustainably

We do not contribute to overfishing of the oceans and use only desert land that cannot be used for agriculture. The water we use is saline and not suitable for irrigation. The light and energy we use to grow our algae comes from abundant Arizona sunshine.

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