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Rows of vertical photobioreactors growing microalgae in Arizona Algae Products production facility.

about us

Arizona Algae Products, LLC is an innovative biotechnology company that makes use of proprietary production technologies and sustainable production methods to produce protein powders and omega-3 oils from algae for use in food, dietary supplements and wellness products that enhance human health and improve quality of life.
Our Mission
We are on a mission to provide the world with the highest quality, sustainably produced, animal-free, omega-3 oils and protein powders from photosynthetic microalgae.
Our Vision
Our vision is that our microalgae-based products can provide environment-friendly solutions for a healthier society.
Our Core Values
We believe in being guided by principles of environmental stewardship in our business decisions and in adopting sustainable production methods for everything we do.

Our Company

Our company is based in Holbrook, Navajo County, Arizona, and located at an elevation of 5,000 feet on top of the Colorado plateau.

We grow and harvest our algae in our fully equipped production plant consisting of a 12,000 square foot greenhouse plus seed and analytical laboratories. Extraction and downstream processing of the algal oils takes place in our processing facility. All growing operations take place under USDA-GAP ("Good Agricultural Practices") and all our downstream processing conforms to cGMP standards.