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Image showing protein and EPA omega 3 powder from dried green algae

Dietary supplements – Whole algae powder, WPRO30-plus

Dietary supplements are products intended to supplement one’s diet by providing one or more ingredients which might otherwise be lacking or limited in the foods we consume. A typical and widespread example is the enrichment of cow’s milk with vitamin D.

Have you heard about Spirulina algae? Have you heard that it is a great protein source (over 60% by weight)? You have probably seen Spirulina powder being used in smoothies for that extra protein kick. Or simply being added to you morning orange juice. Although Spirulina is a great source of protein it is not a good source of other nutrients like essential fatty acids (blue-green algae just aren’t).

Other algae, such as our Nannochloropsis, do produce large quantities of essential fatty acids such as EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) omega-3s. Our whole algae product, WPRO30+, contains a minimum 4% EPA omega 3 by weight and a minimum 30% protein (including ALL essential amino acids).

Nannochloropsis WPRO30+ is also loaded with chlorophyll and carotenoids for an extra healthy kick.

Now, taking a spoonful of straight algae powder in the morning may not be your cup of tea. At the very least, your mouth will become quite green. Also, because the powder is very dry you will likely need to drink some liquid to help it pass (imagine taking a spoonful of straight flour). Usually, people will take the spoonful of algae and mix it into their favorite beverage, such as an energy shake or a smoothie.

Most vegetables contain over 90% water by content. If you were to dissolve 1 oz of WPRO30+ in water at the same rate (90% water), you would end up with an equivalence to over half a pound of vegetables (about 2 cups)!

By the way, WPRO30+ can also be easily incorporated into many other foods. One of the advantages of using our algae powder in the kitchen is the explosion of umami flavor that it introduces to many dishes. This is especially advantageous for those pursuing healthier diet choices while limiting animal products. Check out our applications page for delicious examples using WPRO30+ (

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