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A Bowl of Japanese-style Udon made with Green Algae Protein and Omega 3 Powder

Green Algae Noodles

Japanese-style Udon Noodles made with WPRO30+ Algae Protein & Omega 3 Powder

Our WPRO30+ is a high EPA content powder made up of dried and milled Nannochloropsis, a natural, non-GMO, green algae. The consistency and density of WPRO30+ is similar to that of wheat flour so it is very easy to incorporate into foods that contain flour. WPRO30+ is rich in umami flavor and high in chlorophyll and, from an organoleptic point of view, it works very well in savory foods. One of our favorite recipes consists in producing Japanese-style udon noodles which incorporate WPRO30+.

The flour and WPRO30+ are sifted together and water is added. Usually udon noodles also incorporate some salt into the mix but you can cut the amount significantly since you are incorporating natural salts with the WPRO30+. Next, you can work the mixture by hand (we followed the recommendations by Chef Morimoto,

Mixing the dough for green algae noodlesKneading the dough for the green algae noodles













After rolling and cutting the dough you will have created some beautiful (and very tasty) udon noodles.

Japanese-style udon noodles made with green algaeThe finished green algae udon noodles










Choose a traditional Japanese broth recipe or try to experiment. These noodles are so flavorful that you will not miss meat or fish ingredients if you prefer vegan broths. The result you will obtain with these amazing noodles will make you say: OISHII!!!

A Bowl of Green Algae Noodles

Besides delicious, the noodles are also healthy! WPRO30+ contains a minimum 30% plant-based protein by weight (compare to regular flour at less than half that) and contains a minimum 4% EPA by weight plus other unsaturated fatty acids. This is a great way to add beneficial fatty acids to your diet, especially if you do not care for eating fatty fish or prefer a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. And, remember, the 30+ designation translates into more than 30% protein content by weight, including a high content of the amino acid proline which is beneficial for skin health (so you might look younger too!).

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